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The Crew

Sailing captain, professional charter captain


The Brazilian Captain

Born and raised on a sailing boat with his family which then became his professional career. Having his first drive on a 23 meters sailing yacht as captain at the age of 22, worked for 15 years in the industry running boats of up to 38 meters. Now sailing again with his family and sharing his experience.​Professional Licence: Master 200T Unlimited

Sailing cook, cuisine, chef, spanish food, mediterranean food, boat food


The Spanish Cook

After a master degree on Cooperation and working on a few NGO's around the globe, she always had a big connection with the sea. When she met Marcelo, he introduced her to long sailings and liveaboard lifestyle which she loved it. Now, she is living with her family aboard Gardian and cooking delicious Mediterranean style cuisine for all the amazing families visiting Gardian.

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The Young "Deckhand"

Born in 2021, Lucas moved to the boat when he was 1 month old and has more than 7.000 nm sailed and one Atlantic crossing. He is always happy to sail, play by the beach and to have other families onboard.

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